MONTECH Unveiling Innovation at Computex 2023

MONTECH Unveiling Innovation at Computex 2023

Taipei, Taiwan, MONTECH – a PC gaming focused brand established by Telon Co., Ltd. with more than 30 years history in the PC industry, announces its upcoming products at Computex 2023 that includes PC cases, power supply, cooling fans, mechanical keyboards and mouse. MONTECH will also be featuring Computex event mod cases with 6 different build designs.


We are excited to invite you to our booth at Computex this year, located on the first floor of Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 Booth No. J1009a in Taipei, Taiwan. From May 30 - June 2nd, 2023, from 9:30 AM to 6PM.

MONTECH Unveiling Innovation at Computex 2023


Ultra-cooling Mid-tower with Max Capacity

The newest addition to MONTECH’s AIR PC Case series – AIR 903. The AIR 903 offers users a wide range of build options along with enhanced cooling performance, with an ultra-cooling front mesh panel with 51% porosity ventilation rate, along with 4 pre-installed HP 140 fans for the AIR 903 MAX. The AIR 903 not only supports true E-ATX form factors, but also SSI-EEB motherboards. Featuring 5 SSD and 2  HDD drive bays, as well as an USB TYPE-C port and USB 3.0 ports. Also supporting up to 360 mm AIO coolers at the front and top. The AIR 903 is available in AIR 903 MAX and AIR 903 BASE, in black and white. 


AIR 300 MAX & AIR 3000 MAX

Beauty Meets Functionality

Montech will also be showcasing two new additions to the AIR series: AIR 300 MAX and AIR 3000 MAX. They both are equipped with a detachable top bracket along with a patented quick-slide metal dust filter for effortless radiator configuration and supports  RTX 4090 GPUs. The AIR 300 MAX is engineered with a versatile m-ATX case  with top and front support for a 280mm radiator, along with up to 30mm clearance for efficient cable management. It is also equipped with ARGB PWM Fans (2 x HP140 & 1 x HP120). On the other hand, the AIR 3000 MAX is a full tower with top, front and side support for a 360mm radiator along with ample space for up to 11 HDDs with superimposed brackets. The AIR 3000 MAX will be equipped with ARGB PWM fans (4 x HP140). 

MONTECH Unveiling Innovation at Computex 2023

SKY TWO Series: GD, GX,

Perfect Blend of Form and Functions

Through numerous customer feedback and insights, the team at MONTECH made notable improvements to the original SKY TWO. The following cases not only feature a swivel glass panel for easy access, but also increased 10 mm in height for thicker radiator compatibility and additional 5 mm in side space for efficient cable management. Moreover, it is compatible to support up to 360mm radiators. 


Manufactured with CNC-forged Aluminum ARGB front panel with a premium anodized finish, available in both black and white. Is also equipped with high-performance ARGB PWM fans (2 x RX120 & 1 x AX120). 


Equipped with a multi-functional side panel with 2 x SSD support and SSI-EEB perforated holes. Also featuring high-airflow front mesh panels with a 51% ventilation rate along with high-performance ARGB PWM (3 x AX140 and 1 x AX120) fans.

MONTECH Unveiling Innovation at Computex 2023


The Perfect Combination of Style sand Customization

The KING 95 offers users numerous customization options along with an unique curved glass panel featuring an unobstructed panoramic view. The front panel is interchangeable with a mesh front panel that is included, which showcases the versatile airflow system with a swivel fan bracket, The KING 95 is compatible with 360 mm radiators at the top and bottom and 280mm radiator on the side. Moreover, it also features ultimate hardware compatibility, supporting flagship 4090 GPUs.The KING 95 is also equipped with a detachable top bracket for effortless radiator configuration and maintenance. 


Next Gen Open Frame Case

Introducing MONTECH’s innovative next generation computer case featuring an open frame chassis manufactured with CNC technology and high-grade aluminum. This case is compatible with flagship 4090 GPU’s and will feature 5 different build modes for users to customize. MONTECH’s Open frame chassis series will be available in two versions: ITX and Micro. 

MONTECH Unveiling Innovation at Computex 2023


Ultimate Performance and Ultra-Quiet

The METAL DT27 offers a user-friendly installation bracket that is compatible with Intel LGA 115x/ 1200/ 1700 and AMD AM4/ AM5. Features efficient cooling with 7 high-efficiency copper heat pipes along with 2 high-performance METAL pro 12 fans that have a maximum noise level of under 30 dB. The METAL DT27 offers ultra high thermal dissipation capacity of up to 300W TDP. 


Entry-level Cooler – Boasting Impressive Efficiency

The METAL ST12 is MONTECH’s entry-level cooler offering users an easy installation bracket that is compatible with Intel LGA 115x/ 1200/ 1700 and AMD AM4/ AM5. Features efficient cooling with 5 copper heat pipes along with a high-performance METAL 120 PWM  fan that offers ultra high thermal dissipation capacity of up to 230W TDP. 



Quiet Efficiency at its Best: The Ultimate Power Supply

ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen 5.0 (12+4 pin 12VHPWR connector) ready TITAN PLA power series; essential for upgrading to next-generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs. The TITAN PLA uses high-quality components such as 100% Japanese 105°C capacitors to ensure the best stability and reliability. Along with an ultra-flexible copper alloy connector for enhanced strength and conductivity. To maintain silent operation, an 135mm FDB (fluid dynamic bearing) fan with zero RPM mode is equipped for under low-load situations. The TITAN PLA is 80Plus platinum and Cybenetics platinum certified; available in 750W/ 850W/ 1000W/ 1200W.

MKey Mini

The Perfect Combination of Style & Functionality

The MKey mini is the smaller version of MONTECH’s all new mechanical keyboard – ‘MKey’. Available in both freedom and Darkness, the MKey Mini is wireless and features 65 keys with 5 sided key-cap dye sublimations, MDA key-cap profile as well as PBT made key-caps. In addition, the MKey features pre-lubed Gateron G Pro 2.0 switches in 3 variations (Red, Yellow and Brown), along with shock-absorbing acoustic dampening silicone pad. It will also feature MONTECH’s patented multi-functional rotary knob which allows for volume/ zoom adjustment, and for users to switch between 18 RGB modes.



The Ultimate Gaming Companion: Comfort and Precision

Along with the new release of the ‘MKey’ and ‘MKey Mini’ mechanical keyboards, MONTECH will also be unveiling a high-performance gaming mouse – ‘MGrip’. This mouse is the ultimate combination of comfort and precision, featuring a Japanese Omron switch, the MGrip is also equipped with a laser-marked top and bottom shell and a high-precision sensor with DPI of up to 26,000; IPS>600 and acceleration > 50G (PAW3395). Engineered for gaming and comfort, the MGrip weighs in at 57 grams. In addition, it is known for its long battery life, low latency and reliable connection. The MGrip will be available in two versions: Ergonomic (right-handed), and Symmetric (Ambidextrous).



MONTECH was established by Telon Co. Ltd. in 2016. The company focuses on things that matter most to PC builders: simplicity in design, quality and safe products, easy-to-use, and trust. MONTECH thrives on providing top-performance products at competitive pricing for the PC gaming market and has quickly become a top-seller in the USA and Taiwan markets. The company is currently expanding quickly to the rest of the world. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and YouTube.



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MONTECH Unveiling Innovation at Computex 2023