Free redesigned AIR 1000 mesh panel application form

Dear customers,
Thank you for purchasing the Air 1000. 
Following the review by Gamers Nexus, we’ve redesigned the mesh density to provide the best airflow capacity, all customers who have already purchased the Air 1000 can apply for the updated mesh panel for free.

Please notice the instructions below to get your upgraded mesh panel

1. Fill in our google form
2. Please understand that due to the complexity of the manufacturing process, it is expected to be completed by the end of December, and the express delivery time is about 2-3 weeks.
3. Please ensure that your name, phone number and address are all correct. We will arrange the shipment one by one according to the order.
4. Black version only for now. Application of the white version will be announced on our social media once it is available.

Free redesigned AIR 1000 mesh panel application form




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